Movie rave: Hurt Locker

We just saw Hurt Locker, a film by Kathryn Bigelow about an American bomb squad in Baghdad 2004. It’s a great movie that centers on the intense daily routines of Sgt Will James lead expert on disposing improvised explosive devices, and his company. You gotta see it cuz it’s billed as the best of the recent dramatizations of the Iraq War.

Here’s why I bring it up: There’s a part where James is back home after duty, picking up cereal at the grocery store. In the scene he looks up one side of the cereal aisle and down the other, paralysed by the endless options. This is how I feel every time I come home. A quick trip to the store is never simple when your choices are endless. Green tea yogurt antibacterial wash? Pomegranate mango Purell? or…? or…?

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