… and the Inaugural Madness continues!!

Because for a moment so long anticipated, celebrating once is not enough... This time a cocktail party, so more mellow and in a stylin' swank joint. I include the menu prices for future gasp factor.ALL-NIGHT PARTING SHOTS $2Rejoice y’all! At long last, Bush is disembarkitating!Burning BUSH (Tequila)Dead-eye DICK (Vodka Caramel)CELEBRATE “A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM”Raise a glass to the new President of the United States!ALE to the Chief $1 (Tiger Draught)BEVERAGES YOU CAN BELIEVE INCokeSpriteGinger AleLime JuiceLime SodaJuice BoxMontfleurBARACK Berry ChillCENTRIST LIBATIONS $3Obama-politanMICHELLE-mojitoBIDEN MargaritaYES WE DID Bubbly CocktailROAD TO THE WINE HOUSE $2.20/glass (CHOW "Exclusive" Red or White)RECESSION-PROOF CHOW BITES $3Fish … [Read more...]

Inauguration/Bush era Post-mortem press roundup

And yes, I know the political and economic machinery was already in place before Bush took the reins. The question is-- on top of the endless list of other sectors and industries (not to mention competitiveness of the United States abroad) left in ruins as a direct result of this administration-- how much did (the thankfully departed) Bush influence the economic collapse? Here, TIME/CNN highlights the not-so-smart calls. Since I hate click-whore web setups, I'll just list them here.1. The Return to Deficits: Bush’s tax cuts and spending increases — and clear disdain for the pay-as-you-go approach that had brought deficits down in the 1990s — brought a return to permanent deficits.2. Iraq: Even if you STILL think we had a logical reason to … [Read more...]

Top 10 things we’ll miss about Bush

#1 might have to be the entertainment factor ... ..and circulating about cybersphere today is this fun piece about the tech-savvy Obama team descending into the dark ages of the White House IT infrastructure. "Like going from Xbox to Atari", one of his aides said. Have I mentioned lately how much I like our freakin' cool new Techie-in-Chief??. … [Read more...]

Watching Obama’s Inauguration in Phnom Penh

That was a pretty nice event.. Lots of energy and a huge crowd at the Gym Sports Bar: we had about 180 people throughout the night and well past 230am-- was not a good idea to have an 8am meeting like some folks did! And here, our two most favorite things-- ZULU and BARACK-- we just found our theme for the Mardi Gras Madness event! And on a side note, a hmmm moment... Bush will be the first ex-president not to get a lifetime security detail. [[cocking head to the side]]] ..of all the living POTUSes that'd need it most...! . … [Read more...]

Bye George!

Join us in the countdown pandemonium nearly a decade in the making, and share in the merriment of 43's imminent and much anticipated departure! What started with some hanging chads in the Fall of 2000 will finally come to an end! No weapons of mass destruction will be unfound; no Vice Presidential shotgun will be uncocked! Watch the West Wing purge of 8 years of carnage and idiocy and toast the End of an Error at two events!If you can't catch the Beltway action on the 20th, then join us at the Gym Bar for the LIVE inaugural soul cleansing! In honor of the Accidental President, we celebrate his departure with a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a Pub Quiz before commencing with the ceremonies. So get your game on, test those brain cells, … [Read more...]