use Google Translation to access blocked sites

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Dear all,

A note from the “infamous” KI-Media team:We would like to thank this anonymous contributor for his ingenious method to bypass the blocking in the Kingdom of Wonder…ful CENSURE.

For all of us who bravely read blocked websites which are inaccessible from within Cambodia [such as KI-Media], below is a very simple [and elegant] method to circumvent the blockage:
2. Type the address of the blocked website into the box shown on the webpage
3. Change the language at “From:” dropbox to any language that doesn’t have similar script with the language of the blocked website (Example: if the block website uses English, change the language to something like Chinese or Japanese or Thai, i.e. any language that doesn’t use roman script.
4. Click Translate button and here we go
Until this moment, this method works well when an infamously blocked website in our country (I don’t think I need to name it, everyone knows what website it it) was tested.
No one is in any position whatsoever to tell us what to read or not to read. We should be free to read whatever we want.


  1. I more prefer VPN service but all VPN service provider are not good. Recently I used and found it good and cheap. It also work worldwide so anyone can use in china its 1000 times better than Proxy sites.

    • Hi – thanks – It seems VPNs are “old” now, and bulky compared to some new ways to access blocked sites. I’ll have to check around. Luckily the government here either doesn’t care or isn’t savvy enough to block that many sites :-)

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