Failure of governance

A hurricane hit was not a surprise.

What astounds me is the deplorable coordination of response by authorities. WHY is the mayor of New Orleans sending an SOS via CNN??? And why is our president gushing assurances about our oil prices before issuing military directives??? Lootings, gang activities, attacks– this is textbook doomsday script in the wake of disaster, given conditions where authority is not promptly established. WHY is this allowed to happen in the wealthiest nation on earth, when a breach in the New Orleans levy system tops the list of worst-case scenarios???

This event highlights how thinly stretched our resources are, by misappropriation of priorities to neo-colonialism. Nature and weather forecasting technology gave us ample notice to prepare, yet the challenge to our government was met with unforgivable inefficiency, four years after 9-11 and after billions of dollars’ diversion from education, poverty, health care, environment.

Where are our assets if they obviously are not with Homeland Security???

New Orleans was home. At least its loss might prompt the questions that have needed to be asked for so long.

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