Plai kvet for the intrepid palate

Pronounced plaiii-kwut!, these fruit are hard like rocks on the outside. They’re eaten whether or not they’re ripe. Our nanny Sopheap brought us some and they were so ripe they fragranced the entire house with a pungence the way durian and jackfruit do. It’s the kind of smell where it depends on your mood and health whether the pungence is acceptable!When they’re not ripe they’re white inside, much harder than the texture of apples, and lines your mouth with heavy chalkiness. I can’t quite find a good set of words to describe the taste, especially when it’s hard to taste anything through the chalk. When they’re ripe like in the picture below they’re sweet, with a mushy/seedy texture (you eat the seeds). It’s one of those fruits you never see a Westerner near, even the ones who can eat anything!

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