Merriest sentiments this side of the Rock

Adapt? Haa bumbug!

Avian flu paranoia thwarted my joneses for that turkey dinner spread. We were told by the maître d’ at a premier establishment, Le Royale, how pleasantly surprised they were that all three whole turkeys (quote unquote don’t forget the emphasis) they imported for the Thanksgiving Dinner buffet were consumed…. Hmm, to feign appropriate shock astride a diametric quip of american gluttony on tip of tongue…. Likewise in the sweetest misguided gesture, some colleagues this week inflated a large squash in the office and decorated this jack with blinking lights. What is–?? It’s a christmas pumpkin, I’m told cheerily.

:-| Oh.

Riposte-riddled mirth in season’s greetings: Priceless

Cheers to y’all living abroad and/or apart of friends and family! May your yuletide (or other) fancies be fulfilled– safe travels, sensible indulgence, and always, much much love. I hope in the new year to see more of you guys–


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  2. Anonymous says

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  3. Macapuno Rising says

    hi– not much public health in it unfortunately! thanks though!

  4. Hello,

    I received this link from Amanda, a friend of your husband’s. I told her I was interested in Public Health, so she forwarded this right over. I haven’t gotten very far, but it’s great! Love the wit!

    I’ll check back soon…

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