Awake training

Lack of sleep – yes, it comes with the territory. (Don’t you love how every Jane Dick and Joe peddles this brilliant insight gleefully to new parents, regardless s/he’s a parent herself? Like the idea won’t logically pop into your head?) As a working mom who luckily likes her job, I’m amazed with how mind and body can actually still function – well, maybe not optimally – on the piddly rest I’m sometimes able to scrape out of my nights. (Sleep-training our little boy? I think he’s got me the other way around.)

When baby wakes me up to help him go back to sleep – and then I can’t get myself back to sleep, it’s the one opportunity I have to catch up on my rss feeds, in bed in the dark. (Thank god for tablets!)

So during these sleepless moments I sometimes happen across random great blogs, although I sadly manage to lose most of them once that elusive sleep beckons. But check this blog out: How to be a Dad. The cartoon above (a position Tristan sometimes likes to wiggle himself into) is from their sleep positions series, and here’s a witty read on Potty FAILing :-)


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