FDA Globalization Act of 2008

Many of you know I’ve recently developed sensitivities and have to be very careful about what goes on my skin and into my body. As a result I’ve had to either formulate or purchase from crafters any and all hair, cosmetics and beauty products. (Thank GOD for my recent trip back home!)

I firmly believe that the body absorbs (daily) around hundred-or-so harmful compounds from endless fillers in beauty, hair and cosmetic products. Does your product tout the anti-aging benefits of Vitamins C/E, antioxidants, Argilene, Hyaluronic Acid? How far down the list after scores of synthetic or chemical fragrances and preservatives are these? This is hotly contested by the conventional beauty industry, but I can’t ignore the vast improvement in skin complaints, allergies, and overall clarity since this lifestyle change of just a few months. Rather than the hundreds$$ in Z.Bigatti, Valmont, La Mer products the active ingredients we all seek are crafted for much much less in concentrated buffered serums by small, family- or women-owned businesses, who will be adversely impacted by this legislation.

I oppose the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 in its current form, as it presently impacts small businesses, and want regulation with fair consideration to small operations who cannot compete in an atmosphere of high regulation fees and surcharges. Diversity, local sourcing, and sustainable lifestyle choices on health, food and beauty products are what I’d like to see as a consumer.

For more information or what you can do, see Indie Beauty’s business blog and forum (the owner of Indie Beauty Network, Donna Maria, is a well known natural cosmetics author and was a D.C. attorney). Sign their petition on the blog and also write to congress (the House, especially to the representatives on the energy and commerce committee) and tell them what you think! Read Indie Beauty’s forum for in depth discussion of the issue, and viewpoints of cosmetic owners and suppliers.

See the House’s Energy and Commerce committee to read the draft of the proposed law

Small-business owner’s viewpoint: Li, crafter/formulator and student of homeopathy, herbalism and traditional medicines of Nordic cultures


  1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia says

    ‘Using looks for personal selfish pursuits’? … ???

    FYI, empowerment is another mammoth issue altogether.

    Legislating mom-n-pop operations (in the health sector) out of of business? From an economic perspective, choices are the genius behind the free market theory; removing (earth-friendly) options countermands the famous ark of the liberties.

    That said, no matter how confident a woman is (or man, for that matter), eating healthy and beauty issues will always command a strong priority ranking. (I’d add ‘sustainable living’ to that list).

    Here’s a good commentary for you: http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/03/21/bloomberg/sxpesek.php

  2. Women need to be empowered more in general. They need to use their looks for good rather than use them for personal selfish persuits. When you get a moment check out:
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