What do you listen to when you’re on the road?

I see a fair bit of the road, which makes an mp3 player such a trusty companion. Since I have a lot of down time anyway, I like to take along podcasts. They’re available via online audio/videostreams but my connection speed here is just too slow.

It’s amazing to me how, given the political will, the connectivity infrastructure can be easily put in place. The technology is cheap and getting cheaper. What donor would not provide the funding to connect Cambodia’s population to the world, if requested? But I guess information is power, and so for now Khmers will have to settle for poor internet access. The ‘democratically elected’ government isn’t ready for an educated populace. Having said that, a major factor for Cambodia’s stability is the authoritarian rule, and stability brings in much foreign capital, with the economy seeing robust growth over the recent years.

Anyway, I’m not a serious investor–yet–but keeping up with the global economic indicators seems to be a smart thing to do. I’ve liked the following so far, all downloaded conveniently from iTunes:
Deutsche Welle’s Inside Europe
NPR’s Economy
Bloomberg’s On the Economy
BBC World News Service

I need a good Asia region News/Economy daily podcast that doesn’t focus exclusively on China. Any ideas?

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