Hong Kong harbor at night

—————- and in the daytime, other things memorable about Hong Kong:
We didn’t spend too long there to really get a feel for the city. We had consistently dramatic sky/lines at sunset, courtesy of the ever-present smog. It’s a great shopping destination, and has a vibrant culture and arts scene. What’s visually distinctive about HK is the immense billboards advertising anything and everything–EVERYwhere. Even on the harbor, the skyline’s marred by monstrous advertising signs on buildings. Back home it’s like something’s lost when a stadium was

But I love the food, and the gamut is available here for any price range. We ordered blind usually, having absolutely no idea what anything was and unable to communicate with the super friendly waitstaff beyond hand gesturing about something swimming (meaning fish) or flapping arms (meaning duck or chicken. we think.). Tastes here were a little on the intense side– not heat so much as strong spices.
The bird park is an early morning curiosity. The tiniest, most fragile little cages with colorful bright birds get walked by their male owners (no women were walking their birds) for a little bit of fresh air. It’s an interesting sight –so many people with their cages of small animals, comparing and showing off their creatures.
And this was just a cool photo of a koi(?) in one of the restaurants’ ponds.

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