Cervical and Breast Cancer in Phnom Penh

I’ve been asked recently by a few Khmer colleagues about where to go for cervical or breast cancer in Phnom Penh. There is increasing expertise in the private sector, but it’s hard to refer people to those facilities when the reviews of the care is mixed. Below are two health and medical networks that have specialist teams on site who can do screening, diagnostics, counseling and treatment for cervical and breast cancers. They seem to have good reviews from the barang physicians I work with. Check on their website and/or call for more information or for an appointment.

HOPE Worldwide – https://www.hopeww.org There are three facilities depending on income level. There is also some grant funding to cover expenses if cost is an issue.

(1)    Community Medical Center – located on Kampuchea Krom (between 169 and 139) (855) 23986609 The facility charges a sliding scale with fees structured according to income level.

(2)    Embassy Medical Clinic – No. 18, Street 228 (between 51 and 57, around the corner from SOS), Sangkat Chak Tomouk, Khan Daun Penh (855) 23426091 Services are on the highest end out of the three clinics. Consultation was $15 last year when I took my toddler to the American pediatrician, Sutton Whittaker. (Unfortunately he has since left Cambodia :-(

(3)    Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE http://www.sihosp.org/ – St. 134, Sangkat Vealvong, Khan 7 Makara Services for the very poor, located at the Center of HOPE hospital; these services are usually reserved for folks from the provinces that have exhausted all other health care options and have no money.

RHAC (Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia) http://www.rhac.org.kh/ They offer family planning, sexual and reproductive health services in 14 provinces in Cambodia. They have many facilities, and have funding to cover expenses for those in need of it.

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