Desperately seeking peace and quiet in Kampot

It was a long-overdue trip to escape the ambient noise of Phnom Penh rapidly industrializing. Check out this house!

Our friends moved back to Kampot from the US and built this house. It’s a modernized version of the traditional house, complete with the stilts and architectural elements that make this country so unique (even to the very closely related Thai constructions). The interior is an open layout with high door frames and ceilings – more so than the norm, which is high already in order to allow air circulation in this climate. Outside is a broad wraparound balcony with large wooden swings and a kitchen that’s unattached to the main living area. I’ll have to do a proper photo shoot of the interior the next time we go!

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We woke up to a family of geese honking, starting around 5am every day, which can more easily be ignored and roll back over to sleep to than urban noise pollution. The kids had a great time, eating a lot of fruit off the trees on the property (like jackfruit and star fruit).

We went to the market for more fruit like durian and mangoes. We bought seafood. Chaa Muc Maric Kchai, anyone?! That’s Kampot Pepper Squid and it is one of my favorite dishes! And we held a good ol’ crab boil for the gang who also happened to be in the town on that weekend.

We drank a lot of sugar cane and coconut (dropping some Malibu rum into a coconut is really really good!), and Keith might’ve even learned how to open one as deftly as local eight year olds can, without chopping off part of his hand.

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