Is it ok to tell people I’m an American now???

That was hands-down the most amazing party I have ever helped organise! The entire wing of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC-Phnom Penh) was packed with expatriates, with best guesstimates of around 400 by 9am! Just as they declared a winner my friend hollered into the microphone: "AMERICAAANS!!! RAISE YOUR HANDS!!!" ...and that's when the dam broke. Fists shot up through a rain of confetti and the roar of cheers. Expats from various western backgrounds turned, tears of relief flowing, to hug strangers next to them. All the world had reason to celebrate, not just Americans, and to celebrate on several levels.The greatest part was the turnout of so many Americans! We don't normally congregate outside of rare embassy events since that's … [Read more...]