Hello Kitty nostalgia and evil feline mockery

Hello Kitty was the stuff of many an Asian kid's fanaticism. I did also think it was cute, but thankfully as an adult pondering parenthood I can now appreciate my parents' inability to spoil me with lots of toys on birthdays and christmases, or fill my room with all manner of stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, and pink girly things for that matter. Anyway, I came across this blog post by a guy trapped in the cutesy culture of Asia; I love the "evil feline" mockery! … [Read more...]

the Khmer side of SE Asia’s politics..

Young journalists and bloggers are not plenty in the Kingdom, but they are gaining in numbers and spine. From just a few bloggers you can count on one hand in the early 2000's to, literally, hundreds today, these guys are now lending a decidedly Khmer voice to the contentious politics of Cambodia, the ongoing belligerence with Thailand and shrewd maneuverings with Vietnam. Events have traditionally come from a skewed Western or Thai perspective. So I'm glad to see the increasing articulation of the Khmer point of view. Here are two new bloggers I just found. Worth a watch? We'll wait and see. Son of the Empire (politics) Tumnei, a Photo Diary (culture) … [Read more...]