Cambodia Opens China-Funded Hydro-Electric Dam

I'm remembering the floods in 2009 when the cause was hush-hush (it wasn't the rains)... The dam in Kampot begins operations today. From the comment stream, on Chinese-style development: seems everything China does is bad and should be criticised by the it is same in my home country(Cameroon), however most of us Africans know this is just geopolitics and the fact that china threatens the west hegemony and power. Anyway I op the U.S will see reason and accommodate the rise of China, since there is nothing much they can do about this( as the bible says: Kingdom rise, kingdom fall) no matter what u do, u cant change this fact. the earlier the U, S understand this the better. I like and respect the U.S its one of my best … [Read more...]

how China sees Africa: We get commodities, you get infrastructure. Cool?

H/T Paul Kedrosky! On the shopping list for my next civilisation run is the latest bestseller "The Ascent of Money: The Financial History of the World" of Niall Ferguson, a Scottish intellectual gifted with breaking down history, finance and politics into simple understandable language. Here he talks about China and Africa in an interview: Q Is China’s rise to power a bad thing? A It is not a bad thing that the most populous country in the world is emerging from grinding poverty and hundreds of thousands of people who were in subsistence agriculture now have better paying jobs. That can’t be a bad thing. The problem is that in the realm of politics, China’s [position] is not necessarily benign. They [do not] remotely share our … [Read more...]

when Asia’s per-capita income catches up to the West’s.. by Hans Rosling

Check this video out. The Asian Century has never been more real, yet it's still surreal for those of us used to a western-centric world. Presented so compellingly by Hans Rosling, the public health infographic brains behind the Gapminder, this modeling sends home a message that isn't new but is quite amazing even for the rapidly changing times we live in. … [Read more...]