Filipino food: Sago at gulaman

While in Manila I became a huge fan of these coolers. Depending on the amount of syrup it can be sinfully sweet, but that can be adjusted. It's refreshing and perfect for those hot Manila days (which was everyday)! Once I found out our incredible friend and helper, Openg, can make them I asked her to make it quite often. As I have no cooking skills whatsoever, I copy a recipe below in entirety from Jun-blog, a Filipino food blog. You must check out his post on sago and gulaman coolers for great pics. His recipe below looks like what Openg made, with some adjustments. She put pandan leaves in the water when simmering the sago pearls. And she added coconut milk to the drink. The batches are stored in separate containers in the … [Read more...]

something i came across at the store…

Check this out. There's no shortage of fascinating things here to keep the western consumer amused. The seeds keep their suspension with the jelly-like juice. It's very strange. (Google it, there are lots of photos.) It's almost like a lava lamp except they aren't moving. Oh and the taste? Not something to write home about (although I guess that's what I'm doing eh). It's syrupy sweet, and no I didn't crunch down on the seeds. After the novelty, it isn't something I'd purchase again. But it does have a great fan base, especially for fresh-made ones. … [Read more...]