Khmer Proverbs

Another activity for our team retreat aimed at cross-cultural issues is to come up with the most-recalled proverbs from growing up. Though many sayings cross boundaries, the ones best remembered by each group curiously was very telling of their cultural norms and tendencies. The Germans came up with a list of sayings that depicted a society which valued order, regulation, and punctuality. The Filipino sayings depicted a god-fearing, eternally positive, and family-oriented people. Growing up in the US, adages and mottos which had most to do with taking advantage of opportunity and making money came easily to mind. Here are some Khmer proverbs, which explain very many things which those of us from the West often frustratingly misunderstand. … [Read more...]

East-West Cultural Differences

We recently had a team retreat where cross-cultural issues was the popular topic. Misunderstandings happen frequently due to diametrically opposed personalities, working culture, and approach to negotiations by the Khmers, Filipinos, Germans, and American. Below are pictorials of the cultural differences between East and West, designed by Liu Young who was born in China and lived in Germany. Blue is Western, Red is Asian Read this doc on Scribd: East-West by Liu Young … [Read more...]