Ain’ts no more!!

This is a post so long overdue, a non-fan put up his own thoughts about watching the Saints in Phnom Penh. Thanks John! My interest in the Saints was piqued because after 43 years of solid mismanagement and dysfunction, this team is a study in how to lead a disparate group of "rejects" to success. Drew Brees was cast off from San Diego. Reggie Bush was passed over by Houston. Jonathan Vilma was expendable as a Jet. Pierre Thomas wasn't considered a draftable NFL prospect. Marques Colston was drafted... in the seventh round. Only so many bad breaks can happen to a group of young men. Right? I also found that unlike many sports where the sheer simplicity of a game is pure agony to watch for its lack of mental stimulation, … [Read more...]

Saints the Soul of America’s City by Wright Thompson

Because I need to preserve this beautiful piece by Wright Thompson, Saints the Soul of America's City, for later reading, in its entirety: NEW ORLEANS -- The soul of New Orleans is in a trumpet and a low-ceilinged bar. It's in the free red beans in the back. It's in the art hanging near the food that has two dogs howling at a New Orleans Saints moon. It's in the voice of Kermit Ruffins, two hours into his standing Thursday night gig at a packed club hidden in the neighborhood behind the French Quarter, the place weathered and peeling like the side of a workingman's boat. He plays a song he wrote, "All I Want for Christmas Is the Saints in the Super Bowl," and the crowd dances and sings all the words. When he takes a break, he … [Read more...]