Letter to congressmen: support Public Option!

Dear Representative James Moran:The US health care system is in deplorable state. Upon repatriation for any number of reasons your ~7 million expatriates are the only citizens of OECD member countries with no social health protection mechanism in place to assist in transitioning back home.As a voting constituent in the 8th Congressional District of VA, I respectfully urge you to vote for a strong and comprehensive public option that guarantees all Americans with the choice of a public health insurance plan, as proposed by President Barack Obama.This reform package, which aims to provide all Americans with access to affordable health insurance, must include a strong and comprehensive public option that:is available to ALL Americans on DAY … [Read more...]

Health Care for Expatriates in Cambodia

Published in AsiaLIFE Phnom Penh April 2007 A thriving health industry in Phnom Penh no longer warrants an urgent plane ticket out of the country for routine care. To boot, medical care is easy on the pocket. But while most practitioners aspire to the western model of care, the system is far from user-friendly and choosing a practitioner is not a simple task. On top of the usual precautions are considerations to a developing country’s medical environment. This is a brief guide to navigating the (western medicine) landscape in Cambodia, with tips for routine and emergency care, and a short look at medical insurance. Where to find a good doctor?• Go public or private? The public sector is much maligned, for good reason (though to give them … [Read more...]