what liberal media bias? ;-)

And here I thought there'd be no fodder for comedy under an articulate, competent African-American president! Not that I'm a Democrat, but the GOP sure is providing a good stream of material these days! Rachel Maddow on (what I didn't know was a liberal-leaning) MSNBC about Bush and Cheney being wanted men in the State of Vermont. It's the only state not visited by Bush during his administration... 06 Feb 2009Jon Stewart eviscerates Rick Santelli and CNBC 05 Mar 2009 (@jayrosen_nyu) Rush as the face of the GOP brand. Good for the Democrats. "No, I am" Steele says. Better! "No, social conservatives are the brand." BEST. LOL!!! 28 Feb 2009 … [Read more...]

news you can lose…

Coming up for air.... US Won't Get Into Civil War, But Will Sort of Hang Out in the General Vicinity White House Issues New Port Security Guidelines "Every friendship requires vulnerability,” Mr. McClellan said. “We demonstrate our love for our friends in the United Arab Emirates by trusting them, without regard to previous wrongs.” ...and Jon Stewart on Larry King Live--cuz he's da bomb Jon joined Larry King last night and talked about the administration and Democrats in depth. Larry asks him if he'd like things to be bad, kinda like O'Reilly saying that left wing websites want the US to fail because Bush is in charge. Video-WMP low res Video-QT (transcript) KING: You don't want Medicare to fail? STEWART: Are … [Read more...]