Bok l’hong with Margaritas or, memories from the Mekong

Dodged an off-leash dog today while running, and naturally I'd sustain a knee injury this close to the NYC marathon. Sharp pain to the right of my patella if I step wrong or run on elevation, uggh. It's just over a week away so I'm hoping it sorts itself out! What a summer. I miss the regular physical activity, hard workouts and training schedule. I've always been involved in competitive recreational sports, so intensive training on top of full time work or studies isn't unfamiliar. But even though I trained at the lower mileage threshold for this marathon (~30 mile weeks is all the time I can devote), it's still been quite rough. I blame the kids. LOL. So here we are. We visited friends and it is so nice to have some Khmer food. … [Read more...]