will the oilspill finally generate a viable energy plan?

Rather than protesting further offshore drilling, isn't it better to channel activism towards a long-term sustainable energy strategy in national policy? Practically speaking, America’s current need for domestic oil outweighs the potential for disaster. As an oil junkie nation that's spent the past five decades building an entire infrastructure around oil, there are frightening few options. From Wikipedia: The US is the largest energy consumer, ranking seventh in energy consumption per capita in the world in 2005. The majority of this energy is derived from fossil fuels: in 2005, it was estimated that 40% of the nation's energy came from petroleum, 23% from coal, and 23% from natural gas. Nuclear power supplied 8.4% and renewable … [Read more...]

Investing in an Empire of Illusion, by Chris Nelder

Here is a good piece in its entirety below, via @pdenlinger and written by @nelderini, critiquing "an America in thrall to its illusions, unable to respond meaningfully to the challenges of peak oil, climate change, and population." Agree or not on any of the points, if you invest or follow climate, oil and energy policy developments, it is a thinking piece on the status quo. -------------------------------- As my regular readers know, I've spent much of this year contemplating big themes, like the long-term picture for energy, energy and monetary policy, black swans and the human penchant for valuing the present more than the future, the problems of complex systems like the energy-food-water nexus, sustainability, and the relationship … [Read more...]