Market scene at Phnom Oudong

Notice the eggs to this seller's right? These are newly hatched Khmer delicacies (post-Khmer Rouge) sold only on the streets by a man pushing a barbecue cart, blasting a recording: "Eggs, they're good for you and yummy too". A small hole is cut into the shell and the egg is sucked out, mixed with lots of spices, stuffed back in, skewered and barbecued. I've seen it done, it actually works. I don't personally like the taste of these things, though I am a big fan of eggs.This couple has a barbecue stand, along with all the other barbecue stands selling all manner of meat. She is wrapping up my lunch purchase (chicken) in a lotus leaf. The ones roasting nearest is a stuffed frog-- ground pork or beef mixed with onions and serious spices.This … [Read more...]