Remote ordering extra fries

It is Khmer New Year-- Chunpo Chnam Thmei to y'all by the way-- and despite all counterparts in the Ministry of Health off on vacation and/or firing short of a synapse for weeks before and after the holidays, we foreigners are here at work. That craving for things not-so-Cambodian has struck again. And for some odd reason those golden arches plucks at the fringes of fancy-- it isn't really what I'm hankering for, but McDonalds are momentarily reminiscent of the familiar {{shoot me now}}}. So check this out: How about remote-ordering extra fries? Ah the things I miss out on...In Other News...Deanna Hirschey and her fanny pack have been spotted in Cambodia fretting over endangered monkeys at Wat Phnom and feeding hungry street children … [Read more...]