How to catch sparrows

A little bit of life in Phnom Penh.... I was sitting at a cafe overlooking Sisowath Quay (riverside), when I watched how they catch what's nicknamed in the birding world as LBJs (Little Brown Jobbies), or the ubiquitous common sparrows. Keith told me how he'd watch them do this but it seemed like such a tediously unrewarding way to catch birds so I didn't believe him.Small Khmer kids with long thin bamboo sticks patiently waited at some short bushes by the river. When a sparrow came along, they poked it with their stick. On the end of the stick is a blob of glue which, when it gets onto the bird's feathers, effectively renders them incapable of flying. As the bird hops away trying to get the glue off, the kids would poke it again with the … [Read more...]