The Global Fund has been backing away from efforts to promote generic competition

Reprinted from original source, Global Fund Observer, Issue 284 6 April 2016: The Global Fund has been backing away from efforts to promote generic competition  Fund’s strategy has come under growing scrutiny by Nathalie Abejero With progressively stricter patent protections, the costs for new treatments continue to rise. It is a global problem that affects countries across income levels, but is particularly challenging for poor and transitioning economies. Until recently, The Global Fund has advocated for the affordability, availability, and financing of medicines and other health commodities, taking the time-tested position of promoting generic competition as the most effective means for bringing down the price of … [Read more...]

ASEAN trade barriers fall, but will political barriers follow?

The new regional free trade agreement across ASEAN-China is off to a strong start: To date, about 99 percent of tariffs have been removed, with exemptions awarded to rice, tobacco and alcohol, along with scores of other sensitive items. Customs procedures are being harmonized and common standards applied. The regional economic integration across ASEAN has many observers comparing it to the EU. ASEAN countries have vast disparities developmentally, culturally, economically, and politically. Signatories will be absorbed at staggered dates, with the least developed countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Burma to sign on 2015. Many investors are optimistic about tapping the potential high growth this particular FTA will bring, … [Read more...]