My favorite iced coffee in Phnom Penh

I’ve tweeted this iced coffee before, and I still love it today. It’s dark, strong and rich, perfect for a Monday morning start to the week after a tiring weekend with a sick little 11 month old :-(

She’s one of the vendors outside on the street, just outside a small food shop, on St 67 south of Russian Blvd / St 110 / Preah Angduong. This area, especially on St 114 / Kramuonsar between St 67 and St 51, is densely packed with food shops serving a gamut of Khmer and Vietnamese foods. Psar Thmei (New Market) is a block away, where buses leave for destinations all over the Kingdom, so it caters to the masses of travelers passing through. See a map of Phnom Penh here.

2000 Riel for a bag of iced coffee

The coffee grounds are steeped in boiling water using a muslin bag shaped like a filter. Because the coffee is strong, the grounds in the bag can be re-used. Photos above are courtesy of Doualy Xaykaothao.

… and ok, it’s one of my two favorite iced coffee vendors in Phnom Penh. Below is my other favorite place to get an iced coffee, Rising Sun Pub, on St 178 between Sisowath Quay and Sothearos. They use the Vietnamese cold-brew method using a mini drip brewer, pouring the water through the grounds about three times to get that nice strong flavor. mmmm…!

6000 Riel for a glass of iced coffee


  1. […] a break for an iced coffee or small snack. This woman makes the tastiest iced coffee! — and for 2000riel (US$0.50)! At the end of the day, have it with a shot of Bailey’s. […]

  2. abejero says:

    […] Rising Sun Bar and Restaurant has one of the best iced coffee in town. (I posted last year about a street stall in front of a hang bai that also makes great coffee). They use a Vietnamese drip called a phin and triple brew it. In the evenings, ask for it spiked […]

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