My favorite iced coffee in Phnom Penh

I've tweeted this iced coffee before, and I still love it today. It's dark, strong and rich, perfect for a Monday morning start to the week after a tiring weekend with a sick little 11 month old :-( She's one of the vendors outside on the street, just outside a small food shop, on St 67 south of Russian Blvd / St 110 / Preah Angduong. This area, especially on St 114 / Kramuonsar between St 67 and St 51, is densely packed with food shops serving a gamut of Khmer and Vietnamese foods. Psar Thmei (New Market) is a block away, where buses leave for destinations all over the Kingdom, so it caters to the masses of travelers passing through. See a map of Phnom Penh here. The coffee grounds are steeped in boiling water using a … [Read more...]