Veterinarian options in Phnom Penh

Got a dog. A co-worker gave me one of his puppies like it was an extra tomato from his garden. Since he started getting increasingly agitated as I protested, I just told him to bring it to my house – it was the middle of a workday, what was I going to do with it? Big mistake. He got a name, Iko. Hubby and our little loved him. So I looked for a vet.

Thankfully there’s a gold-standard in vet care in town (Agrovet), but for routine visits I’m not real interested in paying the high fees, especially after the poor service during puppy’s first visit there. Likely in the case of trauma or severe illness we’d take him back to this clinic (from comments on the Cambodia Parent Network it seems I should specifically ask for the main vet there, Arnaud).

Other friends seem happy with their local Khmer vets, and their pets (some are quite mature now) look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed healthy to me. So here they are, a list of Khmer vets recommended by other expats who’ve lived in Phnom Penh for many years:

(1) One person has been taking her dog to Navetco Vet Clinic for years 097 266 1191

(2) Three people recommended Sophorn, and I found this below on a thread on vets in PP when I googled:

Give this bloke a try: Sophorn 012824991
He’s a ‘proper’ Cambodian vet and as a bonus seems genuinely to like animals. It’s been ~2 years since we last had an animal problem that couldn’t be solved with benevolent neglect – so the number may be out of date. His house/surgery used to be in Tuol Kork…
above the railway line…
left hand side of the map…
at a pointy intersection…
… nah fuck it, can’t remember the address. Lucky the number was still in the phone. Sophorn was good value professionally and financially. He cleared up a nasty skin infection on the family mog and then gave him a neat testicular snipping to end his wicked ways to boot. Can’t remember how much we paid – but $10-$15 all for house calls sounds familiar.
Hell, for $200 bucks I would have done the cat myself with two half bricks.
Sophorn also has a dry sense of humour – after finshing a very nice job of making our male cat into a soprano, with all the family watching in fascination – he looked directly at my six year old son and said, “Right, who’s next?”
The poor kid didn’t uncross his legs for about a week.

(3) Sila was recommended by two people, including this below from the Cambodia Parent Network:

We are not in PP, but i still have a number for a very reliable vet we found. He also helped us with all papers we needed to travel with our dog.
His name is Sila and he comes to your house for extra $5, or you can go to his clinic if you like. I never needed to go there, but it’s around central market what i know.
His number is 012 477 686 and 097 198999.
Sokhamalpheap Animal Clinic
#64 St174

(4) Below, Wayne Weightman had his assistant collect info on various vet options in town. I know it’s a pet shop, but when I went in there to get the puppy groomed ($5 – it’s a small breed) many expats came and went over the span of 20 minutes shopping for various things, and when asked they seemed ok with the vet care they were getting there.


  1. Nouth Sophorn says

    Mr.Nouth Sophorn he is a Medicine Doctor Veterinary (MDV),he got Diploma from Mongolian Agriculture University in 1996 y.
    Now day he has the owner Animal Clinic that has address: #02 street 371 Obek khom,Phnom Penh city. Telephone 012 824 991; 097 631 99 77

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