Veterinarian options in Phnom Penh

Got a dog. A co-worker gave me one of his puppies like it was an extra tomato from his garden. Since he started getting increasingly agitated as I protested, I just told him to bring it to my house - it was the middle of a workday, what was I going to do with it? Big mistake. He got a name, Iko. Hubby and our little loved him. So I looked for a vet. Thankfully there's a gold-standard in vet care in town (Agrovet), but for routine visits I'm not real interested in paying the high fees, especially after the poor service during puppy's first visit there. Likely in the case of trauma or severe illness we'd take him back to this clinic (from comments on the Cambodia Parent Network it seems I should specifically ask for the main vet there, … [Read more...]