Holiday windows in NYC

It’s been a while since I posted. The NYC existence is more hyper-paced and complex than life was in Asia! On the one hand, there’s endless resources, not to mention a good network of similarly-minded families. I love the seasons, the snow and Christmas! Then on the other hand, I’ve never met so many medicated people before (e.g., Xanax)! Not sure if that’s a reflection of the circles I end up interacting with..? I’m sure the political situation has no small impact on this. For sure, the US environment is shockingly different after 11 years abroad, but it’s a more sobering change than a positive one. Anyway.. back to the cheerier topic of the holidays. We’re under a cold spell this past week but, unluckily enough (or maybe luckily!), we didn’t get any snow compared to the massive deluge that most of the Northeast experienced these past five days!

We were able to squeeze in the tourist trawl – past the Bloomingdales windows, through the five star hotel lobbies, down Fifth Avenue, taking in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. Each of Bergdorf’s windows was designed by one of the city’s museums. So gorgeous – and then there’s Sak’s poshly decorated facade, complete with light show and blaring Christmas music you can hear from blocks away. We ducked away from that and into Rockefeller to show the kids the big tree. You’d think the crowds would be thin in this bitter cold but it isn’t. Fun times..

Happy holidays!

Window design by the New York Botanical Garden

Window designed by the New York Philharmonic

Window design by the New York Historical Society

Window design by the Museum of the Moving Image

Window design by the Museum of Natural History


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