Holiday windows in NYC

It's been a while since I posted. The NYC existence is more hyper-paced and complex than life was in Asia! On the one hand, there's endless resources, not to mention a good network of similarly-minded families. I love the seasons, the snow and Christmas! Then on the other hand, I've never met so many medicated people before (e.g., Xanax)! Not sure if that's a reflection of the circles I end up interacting with..? I'm sure the political situation has no small impact on this. For sure, the US environment is shockingly different after 11 years abroad, but it's a more sobering change than a positive one. Anyway.. back to the cheerier topic of the holidays. We're under a cold spell this past week but, unluckily enough (or maybe luckily!), we … [Read more...]

missing Christmas in New York

Holidays in the tropics just isn't the same as Christmas in New York. This year my annual leave happened to fall short of letting us stay in the city for Christmas, but at least I got to catch most of the holiday frenzy. It's the time of year to enjoy the tourist areas of Rockefeller and Fifth Avenue, normally avoided like the plague the rest of the year. I especially love the creative window displays where department stores try to outdo each other-- including their own past displays-- every year. Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth never disappoints, and it's a dense visual feast this year. Merry Christmas everyone! … [Read more...]