… and the Inaugural Madness continues!!

Because for a moment so long anticipated, celebrating once is not enough... This time a cocktail party, so more mellow and in a stylin' swank joint. I include the menu prices for future gasp factor.ALL-NIGHT PARTING SHOTS $2Rejoice y’all! At long last, Bush is disembarkitating!Burning BUSH (Tequila)Dead-eye DICK (Vodka Caramel)CELEBRATE “A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM”Raise a glass to the new President of the United States!ALE to the Chief $1 (Tiger Draught)BEVERAGES YOU CAN BELIEVE INCokeSpriteGinger AleLime JuiceLime SodaJuice BoxMontfleurBARACK Berry ChillCENTRIST LIBATIONS $3Obama-politanMICHELLE-mojitoBIDEN MargaritaYES WE DID Bubbly CocktailROAD TO THE WINE HOUSE $2.20/glass (CHOW "Exclusive" Red or White)RECESSION-PROOF CHOW BITES $3Fish … [Read more...]

a list for 2009

Sitting Shiva... auhmmmm... ... and still time also sits, oblivious to the passage of my benchmark years, the march of progress, the arc of the cosmos.So in great anticipation of bright months ahead, here is my short-list for the very cheery year of 2009: 1. Learn something new 2. Drink more good wine 3. Run faster 4. Put personal finance in order and invest more 5. Take my career to the next level 6. Get more active with the social life 7. Keep in better touch with people who are important to me 8. Read 26 books this year 9. Discover and own more good music 10. Be able to identify the plants, animals and birds that are in my area 11. Begin concrete plans towards the next country 12. Have toned armsDisclaimer: as with any pursuit … [Read more...]