new dating site for finding submissive Asian ladies

So there's this new website pandering to all the stereotypes about Asian women. Ah, progress the modern way: to get dumb and dumber. No need to have any sense whatsoever or plain smarts anymore. Thinking is taboo; we will fight for the freedom to be ignorant as long as Wall Street, Big Ag, Big Pharma or any other alchemist with magic to peddle will simply spoon feed us our most basest desires. Heck, let 'em roll our economic reality into a black hole while our government deficit spends and bails these buffoons out for nonsensical wars so we can set the next one up and rule the world. No, really rule the world. But I digress. Here's a less grandiosely oversimplified commentary from Sociological Images: [These Asian women] aren’t trying … [Read more...]