Thaksin– LIVE in Cambodia

Recent actions of Cambodia's PM Hun Sen, inviting former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra to live in Cambodia and take a post as the Economic Advisor-- on the eve of a regional meeting of ASEAN at that!-- have now come to a very tense head. Thaksin, who initially declined the offer, arrived in Cambodia. The average Cambodian is largely ambivalent to the storm of fury across the border. Generally speaking, an enemy of Thailand is a friend of theirs. But this matter isn't to be taken lightly. Here's what Details Are Sketchy has to say: ... Thaksin’s current visit to Cambodia is not merely some political stunt designed to enrage the Thai establishment — although it is certainly that — but part of a larger strategy aimed at regime change in … [Read more...]

and the pot calls the kettle black (Thailand on Cambodia)

Hun Sen Shows Lack of Class and Tact, an editorial by The Nation (one of Thailand's English-language news publications) on 25 Oct 2009, says of Cambodia's PM: Holding on to power by any means and turning his once war-torn country into his personal playground would not count for much in terms of achievements in this day and age. Under his rule, Cambodia continues to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We think the Cambodian people deserve better. And the Political Prisoners of Thailand blog responds: Just in case anyone wanted to compare the Cambodian government with that in Thailand, the writer claims that “the current Thai government came through a parliamentary process, not because of the 2006 coup.” No one would … [Read more...]

Cambodia’s Hun Sen v. Thailand

There were so few opportunities to catch a cnn segment in the past three weeks in the provinces, yet every time I did it was running the boy-trapped-in-the-hot-air-balloon farce. I guess there are so few newsworthy events in the world (shoot me now- and no, i will not pingback to that dumbass non-story OR to cnn). And then there's the local buzz. Just this once, Hun Sen actually amuses me: Our very own PM announced at the ASEAN gathering in Hua Hin, Thailand, that the extradition treaty will not apply to Thaksin should he visit Cambodia. Apparently this displeases Thailand. Remember the offhand jab at Hun Sen by Thailand's Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya earlier this year? And the regular nationalist ploys by royalist yellow shirt PAD at … [Read more...]

Opposition views not allowed

In celebration of Cambodia's thorough crackdown on opposition views, I'd love to take up Maggie Lamb's challenge on Facebook for all of us to violate Articles 62 and 63 in the Cambodian criminal code at the same time. Robert Carmichael in the Asia Media Forum lists some recent actions against opposition officials and members of the press, which does not include the defamation case against the Cambodia Daily: One editor of a newspaper affiliated with the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) is now serving a one-year jail term for publishing a story the government objected to. The publisher of another newspaper, ‘Moneaksekar Khmer’, was told this week he would be sued and could go to jail after publishing a series of articles allegedly … [Read more...]