websites for civic action on US health financing reform

For those interested in staying abreast of the developments in the US' health financing reform, here are a few noteworthy sites for civic action: Side-by-side comparisons of the current bills, including Obama's principles for what meaningful health care reform should include President Obama’s health care reform website Democrats Abroad there are a sprinkling of useful info and sites posted by overseas Americans. Expatriates in the Asia Pacific region have recently decided to open a google group to facilitate communication White House updates on health care reform, with discussion forum Health care for America NOW group blog with civic action tools and contributors eg and other civic organisations Good … [Read more...]

Watching Obama’s Inauguration in Phnom Penh

That was a pretty nice event.. Lots of energy and a huge crowd at the Gym Sports Bar: we had about 180 people throughout the night and well past 230am-- was not a good idea to have an 8am meeting like some folks did! And here, our two most favorite things-- ZULU and BARACK-- we just found our theme for the Mardi Gras Madness event! And on a side note, a hmmm moment... Bush will be the first ex-president not to get a lifetime security detail. [[cocking head to the side]]] ..of all the living POTUSes that'd need it most...! . … [Read more...]

countdown to a new era

I have to say that Keith is the most amazing graphic artist ever. He just reaches into his creative depths and pumps them out. How cool is this?? We plan on making the Huffington Post again, as well as the other major news carriers, so keep an eye out for live feed from Cambodia! (and I'm angry with Ben for planning his dinner party on the same night and without me!!) … [Read more...]