Twelfth Night – It’s CARNIVAL time!!

Thanks to @yatpundit for the reminder, since I miss it every year if I'm not in New Orleans! Bangkok's malls are taking down their Christmas shopping scenes to put up the next shopping holiday marketing props [Valentine's Day - sticks finger down throat]]. But the holiday festivities are just shifting - Mardi Gras season begins today! Man I miss King Cake - we'll have to get ourselves over to Bourbon St off Sukhumvit Soi 22 and see if they have some! Happy Carnival! Here's a little background from NOLA History: Reveling on Twelfth Night: Christians all over the world celebrate on the Sixth of January. While some parts of the Christian world may differ on dates, January 6th is usually recognized as the Feast of the … [Read more...]

Kermit Ruffins’ A Saints Christmas

Here's a great piece by jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins. All I want for Christmas is the Saints in the Superbowl! Who dat wear that Black and Gold! Geaux Saints!! Here's a list of other Saints-inspired covers, including an awesome number by Hunter McGregor from MySpace, Here We Go, Soldiers of the Black and Gold. … [Read more...]

New Orleans Saints at the Superdome

It'll be almost five years that I've been working in Phnom Penh. Like other nomads there is no "home" for me. I miss the familiar comforts of family and friends and a community built around a settled life. I miss the food, the law and order, and the extensive range of entertainment and options. But while memories of my time in New Orleans is not as extensive as those of my husband's who grew up on its outskirts, of all places I've lived it is this much maligned, recently battered and often misunderstood city that inspired most my imagination. Here in this city was one of the more waking periods of my life - my greatest risks and biggest mistakes, and some very big decisions. Photos by Keith Kelly. This year on our visit back we were … [Read more...]