Chai recipe for these cold winter mornings

My favorite chai recipe: Bring to a boil 2:1 ratio of Black tea:Lipton in ~2c water Add the following whole spices. I usually just toss a couple of each in to the pot or tea sock. Star anise Cardamom Whole cloves Allspice Cinnamon (half a stick) Ginger (bash up some slices) Bay leaves Turn heat off Add palm sugar to taste Add 1 cup whole milk at the last part … [Read more...]

Filipino food: Buko Pandan

As with any recipe, there are so many creative ways to have this dessert. It can be a drink or a thick creamy dessert. I first had it at Nathaniel's Bakeshop on Timog Ave in Manila. (If you are in Manila, you have got to make a stop at this shop to try all manner of Filipino desserts and food. It's on a foodie strip, so there are other restaurants and chains on the same road). Again, I haven't the foggiest clue how to make this since Openg our helper in Manila whipped it up often while I was busy with a newborn. So here again is a recipe straight from Jun-Blog, below. His pictures look more like the creamy dessert than a drink. Check out his range of Filipino food recipes. I think I can spend hours drooling over his pictures. [Click! Add … [Read more...]

Easy-peasy plain yogurt recipe my Bengali neighbor taught me

No thermometer, no measuring cups, no heating pads, no double-boiling appartus! Of course, we're in the tropics so it's easier to do here than if we were back home in the temperate zone. I love plain yogurt but for a long time the most common yogurt in Phnom Penh were the sweet flavored ones from Thailand and Vietnam. Thankfully our friend and neighbor Kishore from Bangladesh taught me how. It's so simple, with everything just eyeballed and estimated. Easy plain yogurt recipe: ~1/2 cup plain yogurt as a starter - I use the Garden Center Cafe's probiotic yogurt. It's a natural probiotic yogurt with active cultures. I hear Stoneyfield is a good starter. You can use the yogurt you make as starter in future batches. ~1 box of milk - … [Read more...]