one happy little boy

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Delta blues – Siem Reap River spills over

It's the end of the rainy season, with a lot of storms north of us, so the rivers are bursting. Tuk tuks and motos are still going, but a lot of them are stalling out. These photos are from yesterday, when you can literally watch the water level rise because it's happening so fast. And as I type I can hear the pouring rain in the night outside. Wonder what tomorrow will bring, but luckily the health centers where we're working this week are relatively dry.   … [Read more...]

Is that an IV drip on an Angkor bas relief?

Photos courtesy of K. Estela Ha-- no wonder there's such a problem with IV use here LOL! Without regulatory standards and mechanisms such as licensing or accreditation, quality of care is partly determined by consumer demand. People more often than not believe the more invasive or expensive a treatment, the more effective. This means treating simple fatigue with an intravenous drip instead of coconut juice ($10 vs $0.25)! IV drips are VERY popular; fishermen coming in from a long night out on the water will often seek IV treatment. Some pharmacists even color it (food coloring usually) because people associate the color with increased potency! Patients hooked up to their IV drips while riding on the back of a moto is a common sight on … [Read more...]

Cambodia: To temple To Temple (Angkor Wat)

Despite previous hysterics I've decided there's an alluring charm about this unyielding landscape. It's a tough adjustment, still is. One thing about traveling/living abroad that is nice in the short term is that you're constantly engaged, stimulated, surrounded by people. But for the long haul it's a revolving door of expats-- they're just passing through and do not stay in your life. Absence of the friendly face that knows, understands, or plain amuses you is draining. So I was much excited about the prospect of a friend of a friend coming into the country to see Angkor, though I knew little about this boy beyond his kind streak of saving your wits and handing them back to you when you've lost it in horrible places like POIPET. Happily-- … [Read more...]