Extended isolation is wretched dull. Boundless gems brewing in the Kingdom notwithstanding, there’s nothing like the left-thinking stimulation from people who are so totally different than you’re daily engaging with. I love the witty babble and people who facilitate mental bridges. That said, here are some streams with a lot of smarts, a dash of personality, and a little bit of sassy.

Must-follow for their critical views:

@pdenlinger China, China-US, Asia-West business and politics

@kawdess @elizrael @jerusalembureau @3arabawy @asteris @alexlobov  Mid-East and North Africa

@AriCostello @atomiota (@kevindoylejones #socap/#socent) (@kiwanja @tmsruge #socap/#socent in Africa) Investing

@teresakopec @yatpundit @davidbadash @scobleizer (also see his follow list)  US happenings (stateside perspectives)

@jayrosen_nyu @fuzheado  journalism, media matters

@sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep @gregorylent  India and Asia life and politics

For their expertise / interest areas:

@meryl333 Consumer advocacy in the US; grassroots health, safe food and farming initiatives

@fridley  IT and social networks, and news on Japan and Australia — see his very cool-designed blog and #FollowFriday recommendations

@marabg a connector– a warm, generous, big-hearted people-person

@imrananwar  news on Pakistan, Afghanistan

@tri26 @terryfrd @saksith @ktiu on the escalating troubles of Thailand

@viirak @tharum @john_weeks  Cambodia culture and politics

@nelderini  Investing and Energy news

@yuyudin @priyaraju  Burma and India

@jranck @fanihiman95376 @phaseoutgirl @kagillogly @acorsin @clasticdetritus @allochthonous @yorrike @vene2ia @theosmart @kolibrix @burdr  @kolibrix @irenapuella sciences, medicine, research

@davidfeng @aimeenbarnes @kaiserkuo @taweili @obitod @rakwong @dda  China and East Asia

@bill_easterly @ithorpe @theroadto @gabgabgabby @whiteafrican  @stephensidlo Foreign aid, development

@kanter  Social networking for organisational learning

@skap5 @robert_banghart @skipzilla @tomwatson @tikkun44 @dukestjournal  US politics and especially the health financing reform

@techsav @saigonnezumi @kennedypj  IT news

@rainsua  Latin America

The social crowd, very cool people with smart streams of consciousness:

Cambodia @ratpoe @nhklein @chumsoben

Thailand @chuanjeng @bm_ @photo_journ

Malaysia @llamasonic @peterpek

Japan @fatblueman

China and East Asia @sioksiok @gr8bad @minimum12 @dufffader @Jess_Huang @sweisbrot

Saudi Arabia @alethe @mutairy

Russia @MarkRPritchard

Australia @DDsD

US @roddee @maybellinete @olithechef @toadjumps @pinkfest @intel_chris @suzannereed @memachel @dakster9 @davidoberry @jimnnoke @cwbuddha @lanny_S

UK @fisher_david @UKProgressive @ashantiomkar @debra47 @keemoD


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