Extended isolation is wretched dull. Boundless gems brewing in the Kingdom notwithstanding, there’s nothing like the left-thinking stimulation from people who are so totally different than you’re daily engaging with. I love the witty babble and people who facilitate mental bridges. That said, here are some streams with a lot of smarts, a dash of personality, and a little bit of sassy. Must-follow for their critical views: @pdenlinger China, China-US, Asia-West business and politics @kawdess @elizrael @jerusalembureau @3arabawy @asteris @alexlobov  Mid-East and North Africa @AriCostello @atomiota (@kevindoylejones #socap/#socent) (@kiwanja @tmsruge #socap/#socent in Africa) Investing @teresakopec @yatpundit @davidbadash @scobleizer … [Read more...]