ifttt: such a simple app, so useful

Some privacy concerns I have with it are mentioned at the bottom of this post, but for the most part I've found ifttt to be a very handy web app. It solved one of the problems Google created when they revamped Reader several months ago. Like many users, I was very unhappy with the Google Reader changes. I subscribe to hundreds of columns, blogs and alerts via RSS, then scan the headlines in GR for items I want to read in full. GR allowed me to mark articles I found interesting (from my RSS feeds or from anywhere on the web) and post it to my feed/page with just one click. Also through the GR interface I was able to share and see/comment on (or vice versa) items that friends marked interesting in their feeds, so I got exposed to a … [Read more...]

crisis innovations

One of the frustrations of working on a development project with a focus on policy work is that the impact on very urgent needs is years away. There is certainly value to shaping the legal environment to pave the way for changes to set roots. But as I mentioned in an earlier post about why I use twitter, I'm interested in how social issues are tackled now, across different continents. So check out the practical ideas borne out of  crises around the world. One of them hit the NY Times lately, Africa's Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis. @Ushahidi suggests a new paradigm in humanitarian work. The old paradigm was one-to-many: foreign journalists and aid workers jet in, report on a calamity and dispense aid with whatever … [Read more...]


Extended isolation is wretched dull. Boundless gems brewing in the Kingdom notwithstanding, there’s nothing like the left-thinking stimulation from people who are so totally different than you’re daily engaging with. I love the witty babble and people who facilitate mental bridges. That said, here are some streams with a lot of smarts, a dash of personality, and a little bit of sassy. Must-follow for their critical views: @pdenlinger China, China-US, Asia-West business and politics @kawdess @elizrael @jerusalembureau @3arabawy @asteris @alexlobov  Mid-East and North Africa @AriCostello @atomiota (@kevindoylejones #socap/#socent) (@kiwanja @tmsruge #socap/#socent in Africa) Investing @teresakopec @yatpundit @davidbadash @scobleizer … [Read more...]