websites for civic action on US health financing reform

For those interested in staying abreast of the developments in the US’ health financing reform, here are a few noteworthy sites for civic action:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of the current bills, including Obama’s principles for what meaningful health care reform should include
  • President Obama’s health care reform website
  • Democrats Abroad there are a sprinkling of useful info and sites posted by overseas Americans. Expatriates in the Asia Pacific region have recently decided to open a google group to facilitate communication
  • White House updates on health care reform, with discussion forum
  • Health care for America NOW group blog with civic action tools and contributors eg and other civic organisations

Good sources of information:

  • Nate Silver‘s blog. He analyses polling and political data. I find his site useful to triangulate with other info online.
  • Kaiser Health News posts opeds and collects news from around the web regarding HCR
  • Bill Moyers not restricted to HCR but very good intelligent discussions on it
  • Health Care Blog group blog on all things health care
  • group blog by activists, one of the topic areas covered is Universal Health Care

Find your State representatives and write to them (here’s a sample letter):

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