Is your physician accepting “gifts” from pharma?

Lots of blog coverage in recent months on one of the more pro-consumer aspects of the health care legislation, in which drug companies in the $200 billion-plus pharmaceutical industry will be required to publicly disclose gifts and payments to physicians. Has your doctor received drug company money? Get updates on both the companies and physicians from Dollars for Docs at explains: Employers in all industries face the challenge of implementing changes in their employee benefit plans as a result of the sweeping health care reform program that became law in March (see “Examining the New Health Care Law”). But health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers face even more change … [Read more...]

Good contest on health care reform

I love this webzine. Good is having a contest to create an infographic about the new health care bill. It has a great roundup of links: The piece from The New York Times helps sum up the major changes. This piece in the Washington Post shows how people in the House voted, and how much money they took from the health-care lobby. Here is a great bullet-pointed list from CBS. Here is the full text of the bill, and here is the Congressional Budget Office's estimation of how much it costs. Feel free to supplement this with any data you find yourself. And please, help each other. No one will get extra credit for using special data, so if you find something cool or helpful, please post it in the comments. … [Read more...]

websites for civic action on US health financing reform

For those interested in staying abreast of the developments in the US' health financing reform, here are a few noteworthy sites for civic action: Side-by-side comparisons of the current bills, including Obama's principles for what meaningful health care reform should include President Obama’s health care reform website Democrats Abroad there are a sprinkling of useful info and sites posted by overseas Americans. Expatriates in the Asia Pacific region have recently decided to open a google group to facilitate communication White House updates on health care reform, with discussion forum Health care for America NOW group blog with civic action tools and contributors eg and other civic organisations Good … [Read more...]