Laos at Night

Bun Awk Phansa (Full Moon), Luang Prabang The October Full Moon marks the end of the three-month rains. People release small banana-leaf boats decorated with candles, incense and small flowers at the rivers Mekong and Nam Khan. Paper lantern boats are constructed in the monasteries and paraded in a candlelight procession to the rivers. Royal Palace Museum, Luang Prabang Night market, Luang Prabang Pha That Luang, Vientiane That Dam Stupa, Vientiane Mortar round candle holder, Phonsavanh, Xhieng Khouang More photos from Xhieng Khouang in Northern Laos by Keith Kelly   Other posts on Laos: Laos: A gastronomic adventure Laos: Regional Getaway . … [Read more...]

Laos: Regional Getaway

Published in AsiaLIFE Phnom Penh, January 2008 More photos from Northern Laos by K Kelly Because the world has largely ignored this small country, its way of life, and religious and traditional structures have been preserved, creating an old-world charm. With an inviting reception all around, and life carrying on unhurriedly, Laos is sure to be a memorable destination. With growing interest in the unchartered northern provinces, especially the protected and just recently accessible areas of Luang Nam Tha and Phongsali, exploring a wider range of destinations is now possible through a responsive and well-coordinated tourism sector. Sleep in a tree-house with the gibbons and zipline to breakfast. Or go on a wildlife trek to sight any … [Read more...]

Laos: A Gastronomic Adventure

Where Thais love the calorific richness of coconut milk bases and thick sauces, Lao cuisine tends to be less demanding without compromising taste. A coarse mix of freshly prepared ingredients creates the signature raw textures and crisp flavours. It combines the bitterness of roots with citrus, the sour tang of tamarind and the pungent saltiness of fermented fish or shrimp. Sample the haute royal cuisine of the north with soups like khái pâen (river moss) and áw lám (a dense vegetable mix). And don’t miss the assorted pumpkin dishes or grilled fish served with sticky rice. More typical dishes include làap (lime-cured minced meat and herbs), mak pen (spicy grilled meat patties), thot phakop (fish beignets) and pak goot (spirally green … [Read more...]