Is your physician accepting “gifts” from pharma?

Lots of blog coverage in recent months on one of the more pro-consumer aspects of the health care legislation, in which drug companies in the $200 billion-plus pharmaceutical industry will be required to publicly disclose gifts and payments to physicians. Has your doctor received drug company money? Get updates on both the companies and physicians from Dollars for Docs at explains: Employers in all industries face the challenge of implementing changes in their employee benefit plans as a result of the sweeping health care reform program that became law in March (see “Examining the New Health Care Law”). But health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers face even more change … [Read more...]

A pharma christmas carol

from Pharma Gossip, a little carol (to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"..) Got rest us, pharma CEOs, let nothing we concern Ineptitude will not reduce the millions that we earn Our management is failing yet we think we need not learn No tidings of comfort or joy Comfort or joy For the scientists we used to employ God bless ye, Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer’s dubious accolade A corporate malfeasance fine, the largest ever paid Regarded as a simple cost of business, I’m afraid Sad tidings of marketing fraud Marketing fraud Sad tidings of marketing fraud Financial joy for Fred Hassan, now Schering Plough’s been sold His second mega-golden parachute can now unfold And twenty thousand Pharma hands once more are … [Read more...]