ifttt: such a simple app, so useful

Some privacy concerns I have with it are mentioned at the bottom of this post, but for the most part I've found ifttt to be a very handy web app. It solved one of the problems Google created when they revamped Reader several months ago. Like many users, I was very unhappy with the Google Reader changes. I subscribe to hundreds of columns, blogs and alerts via RSS, then scan the headlines in GR for items I want to read in full. GR allowed me to mark articles I found interesting (from my RSS feeds or from anywhere on the web) and post it to my feed/page with just one click. Also through the GR interface I was able to share and see/comment on (or vice versa) items that friends marked interesting in their feeds, so I got exposed to a … [Read more...]

The New Idealist Social Network

The New Idealist Social Network, from the kid who co-founded Facebook and got Barrack Obama into the White House: a new social venture for connecting volunteers with their causes, Jumo. Whether the non-profit sector is ready to embrace a new social networking platform remains to be seen, especially given these organizations’ often-limited staff time and lack of familiarity with cutting edge technology. And there’s competition—Ning, for instance, allows non-profits to build their own branded social networking websites using pre-fabricated tools. But the most formidable rivals are [Chris] Hughes’ old friends at Facebook, which already offers the application Causes, on which users can donate money and promote non-profits to friends. … [Read more...]

Facebook Terminates Relationship, Couple Stumped

"I just wanted to toggle a few things," marveled NA, a relatively new user of the public relations megatool. Her husband KK, suddenly single, is being treated for Facebook hysteria. "It's gone viral!" Over the weekend, by simply changing details in their profiles, Facebook remastered the events and issued a statement that the couple ended their relationship, thereby driving traffic through the roof. "I was deleting info that doesn't necessarily need to be public and it somehow got twisted and broadcast," says K, as the couple found themselves in a quandary with Facebook for attempting to withhold personal information. "I mean, our friends and family know we're married. Why bother posting it?" "What's happening-- who am I married to now?" … [Read more...]