time for a new resume! infographics hmmm…

It's that time of career again.. I think I'll ditch the traditional format and go infographic this time, and what a timely Cool Infographics post! I'm keen on cartographic visuals, like this not-quite-but-somewhere-along-the-lines resume by Jordan Carroll: … [Read more...]

ringing in 2010

On a personal level, it was a great decade, a time of many landmark events that changed the course of my life and thoughts. I made my biggest mistake, I bought that one-way ticket to Thailand, and I married the kindest, most generous man in the world. Some of the best conversations in my life happened in this decade, and I met incredible people breaking new paths I'd never considered possible. Externally, it was also the crummiest decade and I join the chorus of those glad to leave it behind. On the cusp of tectonic changes in the course of political ideologies and the fate of humanity, I'm glad to have experienced it from this Asian side of the rock. I have no resolutions, just a few long-term objectives that don't break easily into … [Read more...]

Rave: research tool Zotero

In writing my report (effect of purchasing on quality of health service delivery in Kampot, Cambodia), I came across a useful tool I just have to rave about: Zotero. It's a citation manager that works out of your Firefox browser which stores, retrieves, organizes, and annotates digital documents. Here's a list of its main utilities, by Efficient Academic: Automatic capture of citation information from web pages Flexible notetaking with autosave Playlist-like library organization, including saved searches (smart collections) and tags Runs right in your web browser Storage of PDFs, files, images, links, and whole web pages Fast, as-you-type search through your materials Platform for new forms of digital research … [Read more...]


. … [Read more...]

on presentations…

This graphic on the US trade surplus/deficits at Visual Ephiphanies is quite cool. I love how large a amount of data is captured in a single image.It reminded me of the bane of our work here-- ineffective presentations (...of which I'm guilty of occasionally as well!). Speakers' points are buried so deep in useless images, graphics and meandering bullet points that oftentimes at the end victi-- err, participants-- spend the precious little time allotted to questions trying to hash out exactly what the point is rather than actually brainstorming solutions. Imagine our conferences with back-to-back powerpoint presentations and simultaneous translations to French and English...The above statistician is an advocate for effective data … [Read more...]

…since we’re on the topic of Development!

What happens when well meaning aid and development 'experts' find a hungry man?Bought this gem of illustrations from the author years ago in Cambodia. It's a riot read for anyone in the field (and managers sitting in headquarters). Available online here.. … [Read more...]

An old poem on Development

The Development Setby Ross Coggins Excuse me, friends, I must catch my jet I'm off to join the Development Set; My bags are packed, and I've had all my shots I have traveller's checks and pills for the trots! The Development Set is bright and noble Our thoughts are deep and our vision global; Although we move with the better classes Our thoughts are always with the masses. … [Read more...]