Travel: Hauling a 2- and 4-year old through 6 countries in 8 weeks

As we were leaving the region to move back home, I did a consultancy that took me to several capital cities to review national health programs. It was a great opportunity for all of us to say goodbye to friends, colleagues and places we've frequented over the past decade. So we packed up the house and shipped, sold or gave away our belongings, and took the kids on a two month journey through Southeast Asia. … [Read more...]

Culinary alchemy and Taste science

Being a former French colony, Cambodia isn't new to the critical taste buds of sophisticated palates. But even though it's produced few consistent culinary winners (even at the posh establishments), the little engine that could that is Phnom Penh is nevertheless exploring global epicurean trends. Excellent wine selection and a streaming influx of gourmands and chefs with star experience indicate it's ready to take on the challenge. We had a spectacular dessert event last night by one of these chefs, complete with flavour pairings and wine. It's always interesting to look at food beyond the function of sustenance, and it's definitely more fun with fellow foodies (otherwise gastro-physics is just another rocket science uninspiring to the … [Read more...]