One More Mile and the Cookie’s History!

Establishing healthy habits in kids is no easy task. But it’s more important than ever, considering the gamut of health problems caused by inactivity – from poor mental and emotional resilience to disabling and fatal diseases. Like other families, we’re constantly challenged to stay active. How do we encourage kids to make a habit of integrating movement into daily life, a basic skill that affects so many aspects of mental, emotional and physical well-being? It’s an exercise in creativity to make physical activity routine, while at the same time creating memories and strengthening our relationship with them. And how do you make that habit stick? While we love organized sports, it's a significant commitment. The kids are … [Read more...]

Travel: Hauling a 2- and 4-year old through 6 countries in 8 weeks

As we were leaving the region to move back home, I did a consultancy that took me to several capital cities to review national health programs. It was a great opportunity for all of us to say goodbye to friends, colleagues and places we've frequented over the past decade. So we packed up the house and shipped, sold or gave away our belongings, and took the kids on a two month journey through Southeast Asia. … [Read more...]

the GOP gets introduced to reality (and facts)

What a spectacular and stunning loss for the GOP. Record numbers of women and minorities (muslims, gays, latinos, asian-pacifics, blacks..) were voted into office on Nov 07, and were for the first time in history a majority of each party's caucus in the House of Representatives. For fast-tracking this inevitable reality, I give my heartfelt thanks to the misinformation campaign of Karl Rove, the Faux News spin machine, and the most vile members of the GOP who hijacked the platform to preach dogma, promote hate and blacklist those with opposing views. These charlatans have failed their party and America by keeping their believer base cocooned in a bubble of lies and fear. Without facts to inform GOP strategy, it's advantage team blue. … [Read more...]